Things weren’t smooth in the year 2011. But I am glad I have survived it in the end. 

I have set a few resoutions in year 2011 but I guess none of it has been successful in the end.

Well forget about the past, it’s time for the present. Below are a list of resolutions I hope to achieve in year 2012.

  1. Spending more time with my parents.
  2. Visiting my relatives or rather embracing them again
    • Whatever have happen in the past is the past. I should learn to look ahead and move on.
    • I can’t deny the helping hands they have offered to my family when they realised my dad conditions at all. We Asians always repays gratitude with honour.
  3. Believing in Religion again.
    • I have to admit, I always thought that by accepting consequences and retribution, I would pay off my karma. I was wrong. We can never wipe off the past, we can only atone to it. But then, atoning is only possible when you are remorseful and regretful of your errs. Which I was never at all remorseful nor regretful about. But now I have learn.
  4. Learning Vietnamese!!!
    • Yup… Learning Vietnamese is also part of my resolution. Sad but true, I think this is one of the resolution I set last year that was quite successful
    • Hmm…. getting a Vietnamese wife? LOL I need to ask my mum about that I guess.
    • In the past, I learn it for some other “unsightly” or rather “darker” purposes. But now I am learning in the view of appreciation and respect.
    • I must said it has indirectly helps to articulate my other tongues too. I should have realised that the reason why my speech is always faster than most is because I never learn or try to speak in a correct manner in the past.
    • ah…. I think many would why I have more things to said about learning Vietnamese. ^^
  5. Quit smoking… 
    • hmm using the calculator to count. If I assume each packet of cigarettes to be SGD $10. I need two packets a day. so in a month I spend around $600 on cigarettes. That is actually approximately equal to the salary of my colleague in Vietnam… lol
Hmm… that’s all folks… I think 5 goals with so many sub clause is not going to be easy to achieve. But I am already 1/2 way through on a few of them except for number 5. I just need to maintain the pace.
Alex See Hoe Pin
Từ hòa Bân (This is my Vietnamese Name. I translated it directly from a Han-Viet Dictionay when I was in HCM City) ^^