Hmm… I have always thought that I understand women well until recently. I realised that is not true at all. I don’t understand them as well as I thought at all. I have always assume that all women including men are like machines in the past…. but I was totally wrong…. women are not machines at all.

There is no such times as a circuit diagrams nor a schematic drawings for women. Each one and individual have their own types uniquely in contrast with each one another. Even the characters defers from one another. It’s wrong to define all women as one. We should learn to appreciate and understand each one of them for who they are.

In the past, my selfish and self centered concept or rather point of view has blinded me to the extend I will think of women more like a damaged machine that need troubleshooting. But I was wrong, it is impossible to do that in the end.  Women needs no troubleshooting at all… what they desired is understanding and appreciation.

Time, fate and destiny plays a major part in life. Affinity is a by product of all three with a blend of efforts and determinations.

Yawnzzz… I really need to sleep already….