All right, today will be the day I quit smoking. After smoking for so many years… for more than 10 years. I guess it is time to stop for good. I am always aware that my room smells more smoky than smelly. Most guys and boys have a smelly room. But mine smells smoky which is not normal. It is normal as I smoked regularly in my own room. I even have a collection of ash tray too. Hmm… it is time to stop for good. I want my room to smell normal.

If you do some simple maths, assuming a packet of cigarettes cost around $10 SGD. Given the fact that I take 2 packet per day and using a nominal number for a month, eg. 30 days. I will spend around $20 SGD x 30 = $600 SGD. I have to stop as I have plans to further my study in August 2012 if I got a place in the university. I will know by April 2012 if the university wants me. 🙂 Wish me good luck for that.

Another things I need to note is organising and coping with my daily life.  For the past few years, my life have been in a mess. I have noticed that, but I never wants to admit it. I always give myself excuses, I always told myself there is no need to worry at all. But now, I have to change this idiotic and childish point of view. It is apparent that my current situation is caused by my nonsensical concept.

I have choose to ignore many things in life. Many chances have slipped, and yes in the past… I assumed everything is fated and preordained. But now I feel that it’s better to take life in my own hands. Self sympathy will get you no where in life. It has also been observed that I no longer enjoyed my undesirable and dark activities. I kind of detest the me in the past and the activities I engaged myself in for the past few years.

Currently my goals have been set. Smoking cessation will start today… after the posting of these blog.  As for the rest, It will be on a step by step basis. I can’t change overnight. It took me quite a while to realised and understand about myself. Changing is lifetime event. Slow and steadiness is the key to implementations.

There are quite a lot of factors that cause me to change. One of them is a nice lady I know of. And she has given me the greatest impact to right things wrong. Whether things will work out a not. That is the only thing I will leave  to fate and destiny but I do hope for a miracles or assistances from heaven. Note that I will not forget the fact that time and effort is the most crucial things in life for this miracle to occur. 🙂