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A cultural understanding of vietnam

Even though I wasn’t able to complete my job fully for this trip. I have got the best experience ever. Strange but true… I have realised that we Singaporeans are really blissful when compared to other countries in South East Asia. Our inflation are indeed high but still it’s not really impossible for us to have a balance meal.

We are all aware that things are cheap in Vietnam. But are we aware that a huge majority are earning less than around $100 to $150 USD/month. Is that really enough for them to spend? It is not at all. A lot of them are actually living on vegetables as a staple because they can’t even afford meat at all. In Vietnam they are a lot of restaurants but most of it are only visited by foreigners. Most of the locals would find it luxurious to be in it. Imagine a wage of around $300 to $450 USD for those educated workers or executives. Spending approximately $10 USD for a meal for 2. Is this rate really in proportion for their salary scheme?

Watching a movie is actually just like what you would pay in Singapore. Is thier salary really enough for the locals? I would said in proportion, our salary are higher than theirs. And don’t think everything is cheap in Vietnam. Housing and land are not cheap there either when you use their salary as a guideline.

Therefore it is sad but true that we are just like ignorant fools who are never content with ourselves. We choose to indulge ourselves in luxury and blame the government for not moderating the inflation. We can always choose to live and eat simply. Could it be that our naive and vain mindset blended with pride has confuse us?

We don’t see much beggars or street peddlers who are not even old to shave in Singapore. Nor do we see the aftermath of “agent orange” in Singapore.

And honestly saying…. the usual activities of a young Vietnamese is not partying. Most of them spend their times gathering in the Parks chitchat-ing over a cup of drinks mainly ca phe for a whole day. The locals call it ground coffee I think because they just sit on the ground or anywhere they please for hours.

Well I guess we are poor and poorer mainly because we have overspend. I think it’s time for me for really think carefully and learn from our neighboring countries and communities.


2 Nites of clubbing and a shocking discovery!!!

yo yo yo!!! Long time no blog and long time no club!!! Friday I was at glad that I attended my friends invitation to chevron. I really exposed myself to a pure culture shock. I have never seen such a plesant and sweet looking SAF personel. At 1st glance I tot she was actually a waitress or perhaps a club manager working there. Then… to my shocking discovery, she was actually a regular with RSAF. Hmmm… I guess looks could be decieving at time. Anyway it’s hard to find a girl who look so sweet without make ups nowadays. Well apparantly the mood wasn’t that good b’cos of 1 cock-ca-nadan. I really ta poleh tahan him. Ha Ha Ha…. drink just drink why crap so much. I am really glad we pub hop without him in the end. Honestly, The game of jenga was kindda exicting. Well… the old ginger there was good. She was really an expert in that and I really salute her for tat. As for that cocka-nadan…. Hai… I really feel like beating the shit out of him!!!
ha ha ha ha.
The fun part begins on our way to boat quay in the cab. Jerry and I were mad and we spend the whole taxi trip talking cock and singing crap…. all the way…. ah ah h a
Even the taxi driver cannot stand us at all….
At Boat Quay chamber and order a bottle of martell (courteous of Sean) and drank till we drop with only the 4 of us. jerry Daniel and Sean. The sessions was really fun. We drank till we drop with no obstructions…. minus the cocka-nadan and that babe we just met… hai . It was really fun tat nite. ha hah aha. End up we went to Jiu Tan Lin and for our 3rd round of chivas 18 years courteous of Me!!! Sadly we only managed to clear half a bottle tat nite… sad sia… as eveyone was alreay high…. but I was really glad to see some of my old friends there… Mr/Ms Bala still the same… even get to meet some new staffs there… Ashley… chio sia……
and also samatha… hmm… I beleive she skinned the behond of her head before too…. hah ah ha ha
As usual the aftermath was always the same. I have to escort everyone home again. Sad for me with a closing cab fare of 46 dollars…. wah… expensive sia…
Last nite wasn’t tat fun. Cos that group of people I really can’t stand them…. ha hh ah ah aha it’s like drinking whiskey to kill time… hah ha ha ha

A Trip To LA LA PORT!!!!

Spend A Few Hours Walking In The Largest Shopping Mall In Asia… It Was Huge… Do Check Up The Pics…
Time Seems To Pass better Without That Pain In The Ass!!!
Neither Do I Feel So Piss Off!!!
ha ha hahahh a
It Was Nice Watching The Japan Junior League Playing Soccer… They Are So Kawaii.
It’s Reminds Of Childhood, Even Though We Don Really Noe Why We Are Kicking The Ball!!!
Kinda Cute Of The Goal Keeper Who Saves The Shoe But Allow A GOal!!!
On THe Roof Top Of La La Port. There Was A Pet Shop Cum Pet Designer Stall…
The Shop Is Loaded With exotic Pets…. Some Of THem Are ban In Singapore!!!
Ha Ha
I Wish That Everyday could Be Like This…. Without That Pain In The Ass….
Guess What… He Said That He Is GOing To Ask Some Question Which I Told Him About…..
I guess As Usual… He Trying Make People Feel He Is THe Only One Working Again….
Ha Ha Ha Ha….
Well… I guess There Are Too MAny Cock Sucker In THis World…..