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A strange complicated thought that drives me crazy….

Hmm… I do wonder sometimes if fate and destiny have always been fond of making fun of folks. Or is it the other way round… us, that mock fate and destiny by denying it’s existence. Or have we always misinterpreted affinity in the wrong way.

It doesn’t matters anymore to me at least. In the past, I will hold on to my dreams and desire and make myself the enemy of the world if the need arises. After a series of ordeals and unsightly events. I have learned  to abolish that selfish thoughts that I have protected with my pride for the past 2 decades.

My resolutions have been set and decided in my previous post. So this is more like a addendum to it. I have met many peoples who makes me think and wonder. Some are colleagues, some are good friends and family members who have accepted me for ages yet unappreciated by me. Now I am glad that the knot in my heart has finally been untangled. Giving me better insight to a better and beautiful mind.

Acceptances of oneself flaws and errs has indeed widen my horizon and perked my visions to another level. I find it amazing that I never debate with my colleagues anymore unless there is really a need to do so.

Most importantly, I am really glad I met a really special someone who changes a lot in me to a completely different level. I do not know what to said about that either. I can only allow effort, time, fate and destiny to prove that our affinity are genuine and I am truly sincere.


A trip to Melaka,or is it a trip to understanding of life?

Yawn… it’s another boring and stressful day. I really don’t know what is happening. Things haven’t been smooth lately. I wonder what might have been happening lately with me. It seems like I can’t get enough sleep lately, neither can I think carefully at all. Hmm… what is really happening to me. Work hasn’t been smooth lately either What could be wrong?

Could thirty really be a transitional phase/age for me in the end? I really do not know anymore.

Whats up in the next phase?

… Hmm… could this feeling of distrust and uneasiness be just a test of some sort by the Gods or Deities?

Where does the answer lies?

Toi khong biet!!!

My luck has fallen again….

The whole of last week has been kindda shitty. 1st…. my agents failed to fulfill their share of the job which lead to unnecessary issues. I have to do the servicing too. Jobs wasn’t schedule properly by the end user too resulting in many lost time. Apart from that Friday is the most worst last week. I can’t believe I was force to procrastinate my customer urgent job. What is more important? Getting a urgent job done or satisfying the CEO with a fake team bonding events. I call it the hold the CEO balls event actually. Apart from that, CEO is not happy that I refuse to take part in the events. Well, my right arm is sprained badly and my knee is swollen too. What do u expect from me? I am not like the rest of the dogs u rear. I am not interested in your game of fetch at all. I rather be in the field settling dispute for the customers and agents.